STEP is the most widely used parent education program in North America.

Our STEP Leader Training Workshop is designed to prepare leaders to facilitate their first STEP courses. Being trained in STEP is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to help parents learn more effective ways to parent. 

What's Included?

  • 6 months of access to the self-paced, three-module Leader Training Workshop

  • One Participant Handbook of your choice

  • Access to digital versions of evaluation forms, parent surveys, flyers, and an Online Facilitation Guide

  • 10% off your next purchase on the STEP Publishers' website

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Discounted rate available for 10+ registrations

STEP Leader Training

Join us for a training to become a STEP Leader. This 3-part training will help you feel prepared to facilitate your own STEP course. STEP has added unique elements to help you lead your STEP course in person or in a virtual setting.

STEP Slide Decks

Purchase customizable STEP Slide Decks for each of the three STEP programs: Early Childhood STEP, STEP, and STEP Teen. Each slide deck covers all 7 sessions and includes content, discussion questions, activities and more. Not included with workshop.

Slide Deck Bundle

Purchase all 3 customizable STEP Slide Decks to support your facilitation of Early Childhood STEP, STEP and STEP Teen. Each slide deck covers all 7 sessions and includes content, discussion questions, activities and more. Not included with workshop.


Systematic Training for Effective Parenting, STEP, began in 1976 when Don Dinkmeyer Sr. and Gary D. McKay expanded their successful book, Raising a Responsible Child, from a book discussion group. 

Since then, STEP has become the most recognized and used parent education program in North America. With translations in Japanese, German, French, Chinese, Farsi, and Spanish, it is also making a worldwide impact on parent education.

STEP Publishers has been the author-owned and operated publisher of the STEP program since 2007. Although people across North America have been trained in-person in STEP since its inception, we are now thrilled to offer our Online Leader Training Workshop! 

What STEP Leaders Say

"An excellent first book for any beginning parent. Practical, sensible, down-to-earth advice on every possible preschool problem. Easy to read, easy to put into practice."

Louise Bates Ames, Ph.D.

"Examples are real-life situations that parents in my community can relate to." 

Doug Haugsby, Information Services Support Supervisor, Sanford, FL

"Parenting Young Children is insightful and inspiring, making an impressive contribution to the field of parent education."

Eileen Shiff, Editor, Experts Advise Parents

"I was fortunate to oversee the implementation of the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) skill building program for residents in one of the largest counties in Michigan. As thousands of families over the 25 years that I was intimately involved as a facilitator, it was clear that interactive weekly sessions provide far more than simple child management techniques. Participants find that learning to recognize the reasons behind their children's behavior and applying positive discipline methods to respond to that behavior ultimately strengthen the parent-child bond.

I remember being particularly moved when at the beginning of a fourth session in the series, a father burst into the classroom and declared with much enthusiasm, "The communication skills I have learned are not just for parenting!  I use them with my mother-in-law and they work great." The increased understanding of human behavior and communication techniques that STEP offers are life skills."

Kathleen Rager, Executive Director of CARE